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Install Puma-EM

Puma-EM relies on a series of open-source libraries and programs in order to work. Please see the page third-party software for a list of dependencies, download locations, and very short installation guides. This section supposes that all dependencies have been correctly installed.

Desktop machine
All you have to do is extract in your home directory (or any directory in which you have write permissions) the new version of Puma-EM. Then issue the command:

[myself@machine0:~]$ make

.....Lots of output.....

It will compile the libraries and the interfaces between Python and C++. If this process fails, simply issue a CTRL-C twice, and re-type the above command.

Do this until you have no more error messages.

You have to perform the same as above on each machine that you intend to use for the computations.


October 8, 2008
Puma-EM 0.4.7 is out Logo